About Me

Sondra Segala’s Biography

Sondra Segala was born in Tolentino in 1963, a small town in the heart of central Italy.

Her artistic career begins, as in the Italian Renaissance, in the workshop of a local artist, where she learns a mainly figurative pictorial language.

The encounter with abstract art was an obliged shift, fascinated by American abstract expressionism and the informal materiality of artists like Alberto Burri.

The layered process that characterises the artist’s painting focuses on the exploration of nature and its resulting materials, mixed with pure pigments, acrylics and enamels, fixed on raw jute supports.

The bright colours used for the creation of the works are integrated with the minimal and natural support, creating a strong emotional effect.

Painting and sculpture overlap, producing a powerful chromatic stratification.

The creative gestural process and the predominantly monochromatic colour create a spiritual connection between the artist, her work and the viewer.

The pictorial style is free, fast, explosive, yet it is controlled. From the apparent chaos, harmony depth and imagination are born.


Selected Exhibitions:


7/10 March 2019 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR Battersea Spring – London  EOTW Gallery – Stand D11
25-27 Jan 2019 Affordable Art fair Milan, Italy; exhibited with EOTW Gallery.
15-30 Dec 2018 #STREET – Street Art Fair Piacenza, Italy; solo presentation.
16-19 Nov 2018 ArtePadova, Padova, Italy; exhibited with Art Talent Show Gallery.
13-24 Apr 2018 Solo show at Monogramma Gallery, Rome.
2002 Group show at Palazzo Buonfranceschi, Belforte del Chienti, Italy.
1990 – 2000 Annual group shows at Sangallo Palace, Tolentino, Italy.