Sondra Segala was born in 1963 in Tolentino, a small town in the heart of Italy.
Her artistic career began, as in the Italian Renaissance, in the studio of a local artist, where she acquired a predominantly figurative pictorial language. Her encounter with abstract art was a necessary step, fascinated by American abstract expressionism and Alberto Burri’s material informalism.






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radici intrecci
Sondra Segala

The power of colour and the essentiality of matter


I have always loved wood, it gives me peace and protection, its smell takes me back to my childhood, when I admired my uncle as a craftsman working on restoring antique furniture, preparing the frames and the boards for his paintings.

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This project was born in the early 2020s during the isolation caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Intrecci represents chaos, the difficulty of finding linearity and order in our lives. Intrecci is also connection, it is that network where we human beings are stuck.

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Natural and waste materials, mixed with pure pigments, acrylics and glazes, fixed on raw jute supports.

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